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Imagine a compact climbing wall equipped with illuminated and tactile holds. An ideal – and innovative! – space for challenging oneself, alone or with others, through a myriad of interactive games. This is what Luxov offers with its Gaming Board, a tool that revolutionizes the sports and recreational experience.

For several years now, the trend in climbing has been towards digitalization. Gyms are equipping themselves. From connected hangboards to management software, and training walls with LED-equipped holds, new technologies are infiltrating the field of practice. Luxov sensed this well, launching its Gaming Board in 2020, which combines physical activity and interactive gaming.

What is the Gaming Board?

The Gaming Board is THE next-generation climbing wall, which uses connected hold technology to apply it not only to the realms of competition or training but also to gaming and initiation. La Fabrique verticale has already had the opportunity to talk about this fantastic tool that makes climbing even more inclusive, offering challenges adapted to all levels, experienced in a playful manner.

A cherry on top, the Gaming Board is made in France. The interactive games and illuminated, tactile climbing holds offer an immersive experience for all ages and levels. A scoring and challenge system encourages users to come back and push their limits. The system adapts to all existing climbing walls or to a customizable structure and is available in 2 sizes.

gaming board luxov climbing sizes

In concrete terms, this wall can be placed in a climbing gym, but also in a multi-activity complex, a school, an amusement park, a shopping mall, etc. It can also be offered to employees in a company to strengthen team cohesion. More and more managers are resorting to it, as sports in the workplace are a real lever for well-being and performance.

The Gaming Board, then, is:

  • Well-being: a sporting break to blow off steam and clear one’s mind.
  • Performance: more motivated and productive teams.
  • Team spirit: collaborative challenges to strengthen bonds.
Climbing District escalade bloc paris

Installed in a school, the Gaming Board can also have a very interesting and practical educational dimension for instructors. Because Luxov has developed a solution allowing initiation to climbing and bouldering for all levels (easy, medium, difficult), accessible to climbing teachers. The idea is to find an unlimited number of boulders for a limited space.

Available games

On the Gaming Board, the game modes are varied. This ranges from solo mode to cooperation mode, through one-on-one challenge. The catalog evolves over time and is enriched with new games. From Color twist to Alien invasion, the various games allow you to work on dynamism, coordination, core strength, and flexibility.

games available

Among the latest games released, there’s Firefighter where the goal is to extinguish the flaming holds and be quick because the Gaming Board must not burn entirely! Guaranteed chills. Another novelty is Alien Invasion. The goal? Eliminate as many aliens as possible to protect the Earth. Progress: Aliens appear from the top. The faster the player intercepts them, the more points he gains.

The added value for a climbing gym

In recent years, the profile of practitioners has clearly evolved, especially in urban areas. At the same time, the spaces that accommodate them have transformed. Gyms are increasingly defining themselves as places of life, offering fun routes or boulders accessible to all, without necessarily aiming for a performance goal.

The addition of a welcoming and relaxed environment has been the decisive factor in the recent success of gyms. Customers come there as much to climb as to make connections or enjoy coworking spaces. In this context, the arrival of a device like the Gaming Board can be an innovative solution to increase attendance or retain new practitioners. Especially since the competition keeps increasing!

gaming board climbing gyms

The Gaming board then complements an already substantial offer (bouldering, routes, training area, sauna, yoga room, bar, restaurant, coworking area, etc.). For the gym manager, it is a turnkey solution, easy to install, without dedicated staff, which adapts to all types of spaces. It allows reaching a wider clientele and generating new sources of revenue.

In gyms that have already adopted the Gaming Board, there are an average of 10,000 games per month for low energy consumption. Request a demonstration today and discover how the Gaming Board can transform your climbing gym or multi-activity complex.

Gyms where the Gaming Board is already present

  • Climb Up Aubervilliers (Ile de France)
  • Climbing District Neuilly (Ile de France)
  • Climbing District Batignolles (Ile de France)
  • B’UP (Clermont Ferrand)
  • ArcaBloc (Vichy)
  • 270 Climbing (England)
  • Picardia Games Park (Picardie): 3 Gaming Boards at 3 different heights (3m, 6m, and 9m)

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