Mina Leslie-Wujastyk: This Is Why, a climbing portrait

Since becoming the first female to redpoint Bat Route (8c/5.14b) at Malham Cove, Mecca Extension 8c at Raven Tor and the lofty arête Careless Torque at Stanage, UK climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has set her sights on one of England’s hardest routes: Rainshadow (9a/5.14d).

Rainshadow is a  route graded 9a. It has only had six ascents to date. If Mina Leslie-Wujastyl succeeds, this will be a truly groundbreaking ascent. Here Mina reflects on her life and experiences in climbing and the processes involved in operating at the top end of the sport. Including managing expectations and the concept of failure. Dan Cheetham has a unique approach to filmmaking. As a matter of facts, he takes inspiration from his background in arts and his career in psychotherapy to create an individual style exploring his subjects motivations.

This is Why – Mina Leslie-Wujastyk from The Project Magazine on Vimeo.

At the very begining

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk started climbing at the age of 8 at an indoor wall after her parents noticed her love for playing on any climbing frame available. Therefore, she was hooked instantly and ever since it has been a huge part of her life. During her teenage years she climbed mostly routes. Then she moved to Sheffield after a short break from the sport.


Mina rediscovered her love for climbing and has been totally engulfed by it since. She finished her degree in 2008. Then she took time out to go on a series of long trips, mainly bouldering. It was on these trips that Mina stepped up her climbing. And she has now climbed numerous V9-11 blocs across Switzerland, Fontainebleau and Rocklands. Still living in Sheffield, UK, she enjoys training for trips and also competes for the British Bouldering Team at international events.


Mina has recently developed a liking for highball boulder problems. In fact, she was seduced by the impressive, classic lines such as Misericorde (7C+) and Irreversible (7C) in Fontainebleau. She also has recently climbed Big Golden (7C+) – one of the classics on her life time list…

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