4 Ways to Stay Motivated While Training for climbing at Home

4 Ways to Stay Motivated While Training at Home

Despite the lifting of most strict lockdown laws, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected all of our lives. From a climbing perspective, this has meant that most of us have had to temporarily abandon outdoor climbing and adjust our training as we’ve lost access to the facilities and equipment we are accustomed to. Here are 4 ways to stay motivated for the last days of training at home.

In our practice as a climbing coachs, we’ve recently been helping a lot of our clients pivot to at-home training. With the knowledge that so many people needed help with that, we designed programs to give people with minimal equipment a framework for thinking about their training in addition to numerous different exercise options and session samples. So, what are the ways to stay motivated ?

However, there are specific strategies for staying motivated to train during these challenging times. And in often less than ideal scenarios. The longer we are all unable to return to climbing and training normally, the more important sustaining motivation becomes.

ways to stay motivated home training

What follows are four strategies for staying motivated. We hope they help you keep the psyche. Training during social distancing may not be the most fun way to engage with climbing. But if we can do so with purpose and consistency, there’s no reason we can’t emerge from this period having not only minimized our losses. But also having developed new strengths and skills that will serve our training needs moving forward.

1. Keep Your Long-Term Goals in Mind

As the weeks without climbing gyms or the ability to travel for outdoor climbing continue to roll by, it’s becoming easier and easier to forget that this is a temporary situation. This will pass and we will get to go climbing again.

Keeping that in mind is important and one of the easiest ways we’ve found to do so is to focus on upcoming goals. What were your summer climbing plans? If those have had to be scrapped, what about the fall? Your current training may not be that fun. But it’s easier to keep doing it if you know you’re working towards something concrete.

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