Climbers : Recovery nutrition is important

Climbers - Recovery nutrition is important
How we can eat better to maximize our training gains ? And speed up the time it takes us to recover between climbing days and training sessions ? The sooner we give our bodies the fuel it needs to recover from training and climbing the better. Climbers : Recovery nutrition is important !

You train hard. You practice until your fingers bleed. Your muscles ache. Have you thought about nourishing your body to make sure it can adapt to all that training? If not, you’re missing the key factor that can take your climbing further. Here are some simple nutrition hacks to maximize training gains. And chase your GOAT.

Eat after you climb. And you know what ? The sooner the better. Your body is in recovery mode for 24-48 hours after you work out, rebuilding and repairing muscles. As soon as 30-60 minutes after working out, certain body processes begin to kick in to start recovering from your training session. This is especially crucial if you are on a multi-day climbing trip, you train daily at a gym, or you’re doing a multi-day comp.

Recovery nutrition

Eating a combination of protein and carbohydrate does a couple of great things for your body. The carbohydrate helps replenish glycogen, which is the storage form of glucose (sugar) in your muscles. It’s the on-board fuel that helps with muscle contraction. Replenishing glycogen will set yourself up for a well-fueled workout the next day. Eating enough protein (20-40 grams) helps support muscle growth and repair.

Protein before bed helps your body repair and build muscle during the night. The dose is high—about 28 g. You can get this from two scoops of protein powder, four eggs, or a large chicken breast. Having a diet full of fruits and vegetables provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for cell function and repair.

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