Dawn wall : Will we see soon a second ascent?

Adam Ondra, currently the world’s best sport climber, is on his way to Yosemite to attempt the Dawn Wall. And to see how he will perform in climbing’s greatest proving ground. There are few people capable of pulling off an ascent of the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan. This route is considered the hardest, longest rock climb in the world. The route has been climbed only once.

But if there were one person who might stand a decent chance, it would be Adam Ondra. A Czech rock climber who is widely considered the strongest sport climber in the world.

Ondra, who arrived in the United States last week, is currently en route to Yosemite. It’s his first time ever visiting America’s beloved national park. He says he is most interested in climbing El Capitan, according to an online interview with one of his sponsors.

I’ve been thinking for years about going to Yosemite,” he said. “And finally now is the right time.”

Ondra revealed his plans to try two historic and iconic routes on El Capitan: The Nose, which he will climb with his father. And the Salathé Wall, which he will climb with a friend from the Czech Republic.


He also plans to attempt the second ascent of the Dawn Wall. This route was thrust into the international media spotlight in January of 2015. Two climbers, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, spent 19 consecutive days living on the wall out of portaledge camps. And completing the route’s long-awaited first ascent.

The Dawn Wall took Caldwell and Jorgeson more than seven years of effort before they were finally able to piece together all of the movements. And complete what is known in climbing as a “free ascent”—an ascent without falls.

If Ondra managed to repeat the Dawn Wall with his own free ascent on his first trip to Yosemite, it would easily be one of the greatest achievements in climbing. And certainly speak to Ondra’s genius as a skilled free climber.


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