High intensity Core training : 3 Ways to Develop Your Strongest Core

high intensity core training

If you are wanting to strengthen your core to help you be a stronger climber we have to train those muscles differently than if we want a healthy, supportive core for our non-sport activities. Doing the same exercises over and over at the same intensity does not result in continual adaptations of the muscles we want to strengthen. Let’s try high intensity core training.

High intensity core training. Are you sold yet on the idea of hard but short core workouts? La Fabrique verticale hope so, and please continue reading for our three favorite ways to strengthen the core for climbing:

High intensity core training : TRX

Different exercise durations depending on fitness level, but max 6-9 minutes of work in a session. The TRX adds that intensity because it is a suspension trainer. By having your feet in the cradles and needing to stabilize your body, it really elevates the intensity of a plank! Sound confusing? Please follow along with me during one of my normal TRX workouts:

  • 40 seconds on; 20 off (to modify do 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for easier and 50 on, 50 off for harder) X6
  • Plank, Tucks, Mountain Climbers, Double Knee Crunches, Saws, Plank to finish.

** There are definitely high-intensity floor core exercises as well. Such as proper planks, hollow body holds, weighted sit-ups etc… Those kinds of exercises are an option but we find the TRX to be super effective because any core work done on a suspension system is going to add lots of intensity.

High intensity core training : On-The-Wall Drills

  •  Pick 3 boulders you have already completed and every 2 moves intentionally cut your feet and return them to your foot holds. Make this exercise harder by increasing the difficulty of the moves you are on or returning to worse feet– not by doing lots more!
  • Pick a good enough hold in a steep overhang and start by hanging on your chosen hold with your feet dangling. Pick 3-6 foot holds to touch and press into on each side for each leg before resting. Complete drill 2-3x.

Full-Body Strength Exercises

Such as Deadlifts, Pull-ups (ideally weighted and with a very engaged core), ring workouts etc…

** Keep in mind you are training more things than just your core so you have to time these in your program accordingly.

Important to note: EVERY climber will benefit from a stronger core. Yes, taller individuals might need to hold more body tension when spread out. However, smaller individuals need to rely on the core to reach those far away holds! When I come down from a route and say, “that felt reachy,” I instantly know I am due for some short sessions of high-intensity core work.

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