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The IRCRA (International Rock Climbing Research Association) had a really successfull summer in Chamonix. It helped promote sport climbing by organising a major international symposium, devoted to research and training, in parallel with the Lead Climbing World Cup. Good news ! All of the conferences are currently available on the YouTube channel of La Fabrique verticale.

La Fabrique verticale was a partner of the IRCRA Symposium, which took place from 9 to 14 July. More than that we were part of the organization, as Olivier Broussouloux, Associate Professor in Sports Physiology, at the University of Corsica, and co-founder of La Fabrique verticale, ran the Training Day, particularly aimed at coaches.

Many of you were interested in this unique event, which brought together more than 170 researchers and coaches from around 30 countries. And you have asked when the Proceedings of the conference IRCRA will be made available, since they promises to be an invaluable mine of information for coaches. And, for that matter, for anyone interested in climbing, from whaterver angle !

The Proceedings will be published in book form. But between now and then, we are providing free access to videos of all conferences on YouTube. You may already be familiar with La Fabrique verticale’s channel. We regularly publish gear reviews and training videos, our Flashtests and Training Shots. These showcase, new gear available on the market, or new training methods.

But now, we’ve added videos of the various speeches to our Climbing Science category. So you can experience the IRCRA Symposium as if you were there (or relive it 😉 These are scientific resources that will help coaches and climbers to improve their knowledge.

Basically, you should subscribe !

We start off with the opening speech by Marco Scolaris, IFSC President

IRCRA symposium was an opportunity to bridge the gap between scientists and coaches around the world. That’s why IRCRA choose to organize the congress at the same time as the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) speed and lead World Cups.

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