ITW Gautier Supper

In less than one day, 20,000 spectators and 500 IFSC Athletes will travel to the AccorHotels Arena for the 2016 IFSC World Climbing and Paraclimbing Championships. La Fabrique Verticale has met one the best climbers of the french team, Gautier Supper.

How do you feel, few hours before the begining of the event ?

Very busy ! Until november, I’ve still some exams to pass, to graduate a Master at Grenoble Ecole de Management. I’ve also to complete an internship with a company. It’s not easy but I like it. And it’s important for me to succeed in my studies to continue high-level sport.

Which aspect of training did you emphasis before World Climbing Championships ?

Mental part. I’m not very keen on training in general. I have to use the carrot and the stick, to reinforce my motivation. So I play beers with my training mates !

What is your main strength in competition ?

I’m competiting for pleasure, since my childhood. I love the feelings it provides, the rush of adrenaline just before climbing, the mix of fear and excitement. It’s totally crazy !

What can make the big difference, for the podium ?

Mental part ! That’s why I’m working a lot on this aspect. It’s difficult with this new academy year and all the parties organized. I must resist ! More seriously, I think that the determination, the will to win and the pleasure to climb will be the keys !

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