Revolverboard by Antworks : A Revolutionary Tool !

revolverboard review of revolverboard from antworks
A brand new hangboard has arrived on the market: the Revolverboard from Antworks. “Another wood hangboard…” your telling me… True, but in this case the concept is truly revolutionary in every sense of the term.The board is mounted on an axis that can pivot 360°. Fabrique Verticale was able to test this little gem as a preview. What we found out:

Ever dreamed of being able to adjust your hangboard to the exact angle that you wanted to train at? Antworks has done just this. The idea isn’t necessarily new and we have already presented to you an adjustable hangboard based on the same principle : the  Bäm Board. Yet the Revolverboard from Antworks goes further. It just wasn’t enough to have multiple angle adjustments and is therefore mounted on an axis thus allowing the hangboard to rotate completely.

review of new brand revolverboard

The concept

This ability to rotate completely renders the entire surface of the board usable, including the backside. Once rotated a quarter way around, it becomes a large sloper! Rotating and adjusting the Revolverboard is very easy to do. Two small, locking levers allow you to release the board from its initial position. It’s then up to you to choose the angle and then lock it into place. The dial on the side will then indicate the exact angle of incline you have chosen.

La Fabrique Verticale reviews the revolverboard form antworks

First impressions and installation

Fresh out of the box, the Revolverboard scores points against the competition: Perfect craftsmanship with a smooth yet non-slippery finish with nice sloping angles. It makes you want to start playing around on it right away! This is possible to do because of the simple mounting system that includes an easy to understand manual that provides clear directions for drilling the holes and fixing the brackets. 4 concrete anchors and 4 bolts are provided so you can install your Revolverboard above a doorway.

At La Fabrique Verticale, the Revolverboard was mounted on a large, wood rafter that is home to all of the different hangboards that we use to train on and test. Besides the amusement of being able to climb from one hangboard to the next while inventing different traversing games, the Revolverboard also benefits from being spaced out from the rafter thus allowing you to easily see the inclination dial without having to twist around just to look at it.

antworks revolverboard review by La Fabrique Verticale

Friction and grip variety

The hangboard that we received is not exactly the model that is for sale. It is actually a prototype that was made from walnut while the Revolverboard is normally cut from beech wood, which is generally lighter and slightly softer. This small, aesthetic detail aside, the friction on the walnut board is very good. This is also generally the case with beech wood that is used to fabricate many training tools and apparatuses on the market.

The grips on the crimping side are varied. Arched and cut to different depths, they are very symmetric. The large sloper is just the opposite (the backside of the crimping board) and is nicely rounded on one side thus allowing you to use it as a jug when the board is fixed in the  vertical position. On the opposite side, there is a groove which is quite interesting because it allows you to work your pinch grips when the the crimp side of the board is fixed in an overhanging position.

gear review by la fabrique verticale. Revolverboard by antworks

In short, a lot of ingenuity and innovation has gone into the Revolverboard and we are happy to have found the same craftsmanship on this product from Antworks that we saw last year when we teseted their Peg Board. A great amount of attention is given to the aesthetics and the functionality of the Revolverboard, beautiful work indeed! These training tools that are handcrafted in Austria are well worthy of recognition.


The big advantage of the Revolverboard is of course the ability to change and regulate the exact angle of inclination of the board. This allows us to train slopers for example but also crimps while adjusting the board to an angle that best targets our own physical capacities while getting stronger as we progress. Adjustability is the name of the game!

Moreover, thanks to this system, climbers of all abilities can train together. You just need to change the angle of inclination to make things easier or more difficult in respect each person’s ability. Adjusting the angle of incline is quick and easy to do!

gear review antworks revolverboard


  • Adjustability
  • Quality of craftmanship
  • Variety of grips


  • To see the angle of incline dial, you must look from the side

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