Stratos Mask by La Sportiva : here are all the details

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The italian brand La Sportiva unveils prices and technologies of its hygienic protective masks. At the end of the testing phase, La Sportiva focuses on the industrialization and marketing of the Stratos Mask, revealing all the details of the eco-sustainable generic, hygienic protection mask for daily use.

“Stratos Mask is the mask that La Sportiva has designed for daily use in the coexistence phase with the COVID 19 virus. – Says company CEO Lorenzo Delladio – To contain the spread of coronavirus as much as possible, in fact, each of us must wear these protective devices to avoid inadvertently transmitting the virus to other people.

The Stratos Mask ergonomically wraps the wearer’s face, avoiding the dispersion of saliva droplets that could potentially contain the virus.  Comfort, stability and breathability are the elements that have challenged our research and development team. “

The Stratos Mask : safe, ergonomic and confortable

The Stratos Mask is a safe, ergonomic and comfortable product. It is made of breathable 3D Mesh fabric and soft Lycra with the Viraloff™ by Polygiene® antibacterial treatment for maximum hygiene and enhanced breathability. Inside the mask there is a single layer, certified bacterial filter, easily replaceable.

Stratos Mask La sportiva climbing

It allows to filter about 99% of bacteria and viruses emitted by the mouth exactly as required for surgical masks according to EN ISO 14683:2019. The filter will need to be replaced daily or even more frequently depending on the intensity of use of the mask.

All the fabrics are certified by Oeko-Tex®: an independent testing and certification system for textile products: the   Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification indicates that the manufacturer is certified as environmentally friendly both in the processes and in the factories, as well as tested to verify the absence of harmful substances.

Washable and reusable

Focus on sustainability: the use of a washable and reusable mask compared to the single-use ones contributes to the protection of the environment:  the smaller surface of the filter compared to that needed to produce sanitary masks limits waste material and is therefore a more sustainable solution.

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