Warming Up Before Bouldering: How to Double Your Energy

Warming Up Before Bouldering- How to Double Your Energy

“Warming up before bouldering? Can’t I just start with easy bouldering problems instead?” Most climbers have this attitude. Simply because they find warming up kind of tedious. They want to get started right away.

No question, getting started right away works. Some relaxed beginner bouldering and routes when climbing also get the body going and prepare it for the upcoming movements. For some climbers, this happens faster than for others.

So many people ignore the importance of a general and specific warm up because there are often so eager to just start climbing. Even climbing an easy boulder is generally insufficient. Taking 30 minutes to practice joint mobility and increase blood flow is not a luxury! Click here see other errors to avoid.

What can change by warming up before bouldering?

When you will start to create an energetic routine warming up the entire body before solving entry-level bouldering problems, a lot can change for you:

  • Your whole body will be activated, so you could use it better from the start
  • Even before bouldering, you will be in a mental state that will help you focus and give 100% right away
  • You will decrease the time you need to spend on easy bouldering problems and could move on to problems that tested your limits more quickly.
Warming Up Before Bouldering- How to Double Your Energy for climbing

There are 4 key elements that you can always include in your warm-up routine before bouldering.

Here they are:

  • Focusing on breathing
  • Getting rid of stiffness in the upper body
  • Activating the legs
  • Activating the core

Of course, even with our warming up routine, there are days when we can’t do as much as on other days. There are many other factors that can enhance or decrease a person’s energy level.

But for us, warming up acts as a springboard and definitely gives us twice as much energy.

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