Bouldering in Fontainebleau: All You Need for a Great First Trip

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Fontainebleau is a famous climbing destination. Not only is the region a beautiful nature spot in its own right. But it’s also one of Europe‘s bouldering hotspots. What Makes Fontainebleau so special? What are the top Climbing Areas in Fontainebleau by Grade ?

Home to over 20,000 different bouldering routes, Fontainebleau attracts climbers from all over the world. Most of the site’s routes are located within the forest. However, there are some worthwhile bouldering routes in the forests and towns neighboring Fontainebleau, too.

As mentioned above, Fontainebleau is fairly close to Paris. Combine this with the fact that the park is widely considered to be one of the best for bouldering in the world? It’s not hard to see why the area is such a popular destination among boulderers. Plus, the park offers access to boulder problems of all difficulty levels and styles to climbers.

Rocher de l elephant Seine et Marne Elephant Rock Seine et Marne France

Indeed, it’s likely this huge number of sandstone routes concentrated into a manageable area that makes Fontainebleau such a mecca for climbers. With technical slabs, huge traverses, modern-style bouldering, roofs, and more, the park has something to offer just about everyone. No matter what style of bouldering you like best, you should be able to have a great first time in the park.

The Most Popular Areas in Fontainebleau

Bas Cuvier might be the most popular area in the whole park. Just about every climber who visits the area is going to check out Bas Cuvier, and many of them head here first. The spot is fairly close to the local village, making it a fairly natural place to visit for many. What’s more, it’s home to an incredible range of boulder problems and is fairly compact. Its popularity does mean it attracts crowds, so avoiding Bas Cuvier at the busiest times of the season is probably wise.

The Trois Pignons area hosts over 300 problems ranging from beginner to expert. With slab, vertical, steep wall, and overhang climbing, this is a very popular spot for boulderers from all kinds of disciplines. The area’s incredible beauty is just the icing on the cake.

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