Climbing outdoors during the Covid-19 crisis : please forget about it

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With indoor gyms closed everywhere many climbers consider climbing outdoors. However, one must not ignore the fact that now, with many areas quarantined, it is paramount that everyone acts even more responsibly, for themselves but also for others.

It’s difficult not to climb. Indeed, for a climber it’s almost impossible to slow down and stop. The fact of the matter is that at this precise moment in time, these extremely difficult and complicated days, we must draw from best that climbing has taught us. Learn from our limits.

Consider the effort it takes to overcome them. Reflect about the necessary inner calm and that understanding of ourselves, so fundamental to not lose direction and exceed. We must treasure all this and apply it, to things that go way beyond climbing. And also draw on a mountaineer’s ability to renounce when necessary.

Climbing outdoors : forget about it

The best, not necessarily the strongest climbers, will seek new balance in the greater whole. Because they know that theirs can also be an obsession. But they also know that one must not avoid difficulties. Obstacles must be known. And that fears need facing in order to overcome them. To avoid hysteria and obsession. To set limits. To try to come to terms with them.

We must believe this is possible. We can do it. As climbers, we know we can go one step further. Sometimes even all together. In an attempt to look towards a brighter future. Responsibly. Confidently. Beyond that recommended distance of 1 meter, that acts as a boundary in these Coronavirus times.


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  1. sylv@in74 says:

    Don t forget about mentale health, if you go alone bouldering close to your house, why not? Off course not easy for every one…

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