How to improve your climbing : learn to enjoy rest days

Climbing is a lot more fun than not climbing. However, everyone needs rest. Additionally, while rest days are important for all climbers, they are even more important when you are training hard or pushing yourself to the limit outside.

But resting isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your project is waiting. And going from lying in your bed to sitting in your car to sitting at your desk to sitting on your couch doesn’t seem like the best way to prepare for sending. However, rest days are just as important as training days. To highlight just how important rest days are and give you some tips for making them as effective as possible, here’s an article from the Evo Rock + Fitness blog by Liz Haas.


How to Make the Most of Your Rest Days

As Haas notes in her article, resting may seem like a simple activity. But climbers often manage to do it ineffectively. When you take a rest day, you want to make it count. We couldn’t agree with Haas more when she argues this means NO climbing, NO strenuous physical activity that will affect your next climbing day, and NO skimping on properly fueling your body’s recovery by not eating nutritious meals. Why not having a nap ?


Click through below to read Haas’ full article. Because she does a great job of differentiating between exactly what counts as rest and what doesn’t. Additionally, she provides tips for productively making your rest day fly by. So it doesn’t feel like an eternity before your next climbing session. Whether you think you are good at resting or not, this article is a great reminder of just how important it is. And how being proactive about resting can make a huge different in the quality of your recovery.

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