How to choose climbing shoes ?


We know all that there are many factors that come into play when choosing climbing shoes. To help you choose the most appropriate model from our range, La Sportiva have launched a very well made and informative video on YouTube.

Learn how to choose and fit rock climbing shoes, including information on types of rock shoes, features and fit tips.

Selecting appropriate rockshoes is one of the most difficult choices of climbing equipment you can make. There are many models and their characteristics vary.

La Sportiva have developed a three-episodes’ series that will explain to you how to:
– Identify your foot shape, the right size for you and the basic differences in climbing shoes’ construction
– Discover the differences among all the “performance” footwear styles
– Discover the differences among all the “beginners” footwear styles

You need more infos ?

Let’s go on our YouTube channel and see our climbing gear reviews, for example the test of the Kataki

Or on La Sportiva channel for the episode 2 !

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