Hura, a nice film about the egyptian climber Wafaa Amer

hura Wafaa Amer climbing film la sportiva

“Hura” means being free in Egyptian. The egyptian woman climber Wafaa Amer went through many difficulties and struggles during her life. She grew far from home and she built her freedom embracing and pursuing her passions trying to find her true self.

Discover a beautiful story and a very nice film about the egyptian woman climber Wafaa Amer. She is supported by the italian brand of climbing shoes La Sportiva.

« When I found out that I was supposed to stay in Egypt forever. And that I could no longer have that little freedom I had created for myself thanks to climbing, I felt myself drowning. And I wasn’t in the water. I was out of the water.

As I painted, I screamed out everything that I carried inside and I feared to write down on paper.

 egyptian woman climber

Freedom for me begins when I tie the knot on my harness. It is finding myself again, it is thinking more deeply about what I would like to do and create. »

Thank you Wafaa and La Sportiva for this short but yet so powerful documentary.

hura climbing egyptian woman climber Wafaa Amer

Egyptian climber Wafaa Amer ‘s biography

Wafaa was born in the small village of Aghur in the province of Kalyobya in Egypt. Up to the age of 8 she lived with her sisters and her grandparents in Egypt, as her parents had already moved to Italy with the rest of the family. At the age of 9 she arrived in Italy.  But it was only at the age of 15 that she started climbing thanks to a friend and her father who paid for a climbing course for her (she could not afford it). she immediately understood that it was not only a sport but for her it was also a form of freedom.

egyptian female climber wafaa amer

Due to her origins and her religion, her dad did not approve of this sport. This forced her to go to the gym secretly to train. After a short time, she started taking part in some races. She soon realized that she liked the world of competitions very much. She participated in the first races of the TCC circuit. And immediately managed to get a place on the podium together with the macro-regions.

egyptian climber wafaa amer 2

At the age of 18 she decided to leave home to be able to devote herself completely to climbing. So she moved to Finale. It took 2 years to find accommodation and a job. But she finally found the freedom she was looking for so much. So, two and a half years ago she started climbing on rock too, an environment that she immediately considered much more fascinating than plastic. She also participated in several stages of the Italian Boulder Cup.

The second woman ascent of the historic Hyaena, 8b

She loves vertical and finger climbing. A style on which she can express herself best. It was for this reason that she chose the historic “Radical chic” route as her first 8a (first 8a in Finalese in Montecucco). Then she shifted my attention to another icon of the “old school” routes of Finale, the historic “Hyaena” 8b, signing the second women’s ascent.

After having climbed on a slab, and having appreciated its “delicate beauty”, her challenge today is to try her hand at the overhanging routes. A style where she still have a lot to learn ! But she is sure she can master with commitment and determination. In her dreams however she also have her heart set on the mountains. She is starting to prepare, with the certainty that the emotions she will receive there will be unique and unrepeatable.  

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