Inflammation Control: Climbers, can you do it better?

Not every injury heals from time off and others can heal quickly while you continue your climbing training. More specifically, becoming aware of your injury patterns, and more specifically your inflammation patterns, allows you to take control of your injury and to prevent further injuries.

What makes your injury hurt worse? What leads you to notice it during the day or during your training session? Noticing these hints will help you to begin unraveling your own injury. This article focuses on the little things that might hinder or heal. Even the most notorious injuries can improve with a blend of guided self-care and meticulous injury awareness. In order to control inflammation.

So why are you reading this? As many are, you are suffering from an injury that just won’t go away. The taking point from this is that injuries that are bred with constant irritation and/or continued exacerbation will not heal. Regardless of what your PT or Do does for your injury, or your massage therapist kneads out, unless we remove the cause of the injury, we just cannot get on top of the injury itself.


Injuries that fail to heal from time off itself, without any additional help from doctors or therapists is widely seen in athletics. These conditions include the tendonitis, tendinosis and joint hypermobility athletes. Those with bursitis, stress fractures, and/or ligamentous damage may also be in this category. They tend to go away with time off. Special circumstances always exist that change this broad correlation. However looking into the common issues you face day to day will shed some light on the subject.

Inflammation control : becoming an Observational Athlete

Outlining which events and activities need to be avoided. And which are healthy and recommended during the healing time. This will help to custom target your injury and to keep up your general fitness while you wait for your specific injury to heal. This allows you to return to sport with as little downtime as possible. And to return at a level much higher than most who take time off only to re-injure themselves within the month.

A Few Recommendations From Which ALL Athletes Will Benefit for inflammation control

Make a list of the daily activities that aggravate your injury. Chances are you can avoid these tasks. Or modify them so that your injury does not go through the constant cycle of inflammation most commonly associated with long term or chronic injuries.

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