La Sportiva Climb-in-gym Tour 2019 : test & feel event

la sportiva climb-in-GYM tour 2019

La Sportiva Climb-in-gym Tour 2019 is back in Europe with more than 70 stages. From Scandinavia to Spain, from France to Ukraine ! The event grew from the 38 stages proposed in the first edition to a program full of 75 events spread over eighteen countries after just three years.

Already started overseas, the 4th edition of the event, the La Sportiva Climb-in-Gym Tour 2019, has arrived in Europe on October the 5th. The first stage was in Ireland. From two months the tour will touch 18 countries and more than 70 gyms. And it will give the opportunity to try 2 new models of the climbing 2019 collection. The Testarossa revisited in design. And the new version of Python.

Like every Test & Feel event, the purpose of this demo tour is not only to introduce the new products launched on the market. Yes, for sure, it is giving the possibility to test the new shoes in the gym.

la sportiva climb-in-gym tour 2019

But first of all, there is the desire to share the passion that drives the company in producing shoes since 1928. There is the desire to growing while remaining close to the needs of each climber. The brand is looking for a relationship that over the years has seen the development of the most specific tech of each product. Unique and special as every climber, for over ninety years.

La Sportiva Climb-in-gym Tour 2019

This year on Tour there will be free to test three new entries of the 2019 climbing collection. It is starting from the reboot of one of the most iconic La Sportiva models: Testarossa. The shoes have been revisited in design. But not in the technical features. And they remained unchanged in order to avoid any disappoint from those who have always appreciated the original product. But also the new version of Python, renewed in structure with a different heel construction. And presented in a new colour as an alternative to the traditional orange.

75 gyms, 2 new models to try, and 18 countries involved for a fourth edition of Climb-in-Gym ! The event starts overseas with the first Australian stages and arrives in Europe staying for 2 months. The test & feel event offers the opportunity to try the best products developed by the Italian brand directly in the most beautiful gyms in Europe and beyond.

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