Jimmy webb, an incredible boulderer and rock climber

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Jimmy Webb is a professional rock climber specializing in bouldering. He is one of a handful of climbers who have climbed the boulder grade V16 (8C+). He was kind enough to answer our questions below.

You are known as an incredible boulderer. What are your main realisations in the last months ?

Jimmy Webb : My climbing the last few years has shifted quite a bit.  When I was younger I really enjoyed testing my limits on the hardest established boulders I could find.  I wanted to push my limit of what was possible.  Then a couple years ago something changed and I began focusing more on establishing new and amazing lines both bouldering and sport climbing. 

I feel as if I took a break from pushing my physical limit and it was refreshing.  Instead of focusing on difficulty I was focusing on quality and realizing what truly inspired me as a climber.  This was my main motivation for a couple years and it wasn’t till this last summer in Rocklands that I became motivated on pushing my limit again. 


I spent a bit of time training before hand and ended up having the most successful trip I’ve ever had.  Of course I don’t measure success around pass or failure but for me this trip was a great learning experience and reminded me what I am capable of in my climbing. 

What are your favorite bouldering spots in the world ? And best lines you have in memories ?

Jimmy Webb : My favorite climbing area I would have to say is Rocklands.  There is just so much potential and on my favorite type of stone.  It’s here that I have some of my best memories climbing.  One that stands out the most is climbing the infamous ‘Livin Large’. 


I battled that bloc for 12 days over the course of the season and just barely walked away with the send.  Logistically this bloc was a nightmare.  I had to wake up at 4:30AM, hike 45 minutes, warm up on the rope with the headlamp, and give two tries just before the sun hit the wall and it became too warm to even climb. 

This was the rhythm and fortunately on my very last day, just hours before catching my flight home, I sent.  The feeling when I hit the top jug is still to this day the most meaningful moment I’ve had in my climbing.

What are your goals for the next year, Jimmy Webb ?

Jimmy Webb : As of right now I’m really psyched on being home in California.  South lake Tahoe has so much potential for new climbing and me and my friends have been hard at it.  Hiking loads, cleaning new boulders, and doing some back country style expeditions.  After this though I believe my next big trip will be to Switzerland in early spring.  I have a few unfinished projects out there that Im really stoked to try.


Do you train a lot ? Or do you primarily climb outside?

Jimmy Webb :  I mostly stick to the real rock.  Although every once in a while I force myself to train a bit at the gym.  The spring season here can be pretty rainy so its usually then that I’m stuck pulling on plastic.

What does a typical week or month look like for you?

Jimmy Webb : It’s pretty tranquilo!  I spend a lot of my time searching for new boulders/areas.  In turn this means lots of time in the car, and logging tons of miles on foot.  I love it though and being here in California theres no shortage of new places to explore.


Are you also interested in competition ? And what do think of the Olympics ?

Jimmy Webb : No, I’m not really so interested in competition climbing these days.  When I was younger I did a few here and there but for me climbing is just not about being inside.  Although I admire all the strong climbers who crush it in these big events. Its fun to watch!  When it comes to the olympics I know there’s a lot of controversy in regards to what it is going to do to our sport. 


I’m honestly quite indifferent to the matter but I do know that climbing being in the olympics was inevitable.  Climbing changed my life and is an amazing activity so its only natural that it was going to become so popular.  I think moving forward and with the growth the Olympics will certainly bring we just all need to be a little more aware of our impact. 

These famous climbing areas around the world are going to take a beating and we just need to be mindful of that.   For me though it changes nothing.  I will still be out in the woods, in some random place, cleaning new lines and trying hard with my friends! 

Have you got many had injuries in the past? And how did you deal with them ?

Jimmy Webb :  Yes I’ve certainly had my fair share of finger injuries.  Im actually currently dealing with a slight A2 strain.  In terms of dealing with fingers I typically don’t take the smartest approach, haha.  I tend to be too psyched and push a little too hard too early.  Im trying to be better about it though by taking some time off, hot cold therapy, as well as some light massage.  I feel when it comes to fingers you just have to give them time.  They will come around and honestly you always come back stronger. 

You are climbing with Tenaya climbing shoes. What are your favorite models and why ?

Jimmy Webb : My favorite model currently is the Oasi.  They fit my foot super well and are insanely well rounded!  I’ve climbed in many different types of shoes throughout my climbing and I can honestly say these are the best boots I’ve put on my feet.  I also just began testing out the new Mastia and I’m super keen on those as well.  Tenaya makes some incredible shoes and their passion of doing so is obvious when you see the quality in what they create.

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