Slaydies : 3 strong american girls Climbing and dws in Mallorca

Watch this awesome video of the three American climbers Margo Hayes, Paige Claassen and Emily Harrington sport climbing and Deep Water Solo climbing on the island of Mallorca in Spain. Good for inspiration !

For most rock climbers, Mallorca conjures up images of splendid free solo climbing above the sea, i.e. ropeless deep water soloing. The Balearic Island is indeed one of premier spots worldwide for DWS. But the beautiful Mediterranean island also happens to boast almost 2000 sport climbs. As the highly talented American trio Margo Hayes, Paige Claassen and Emily Harrington found out recently.


La Sportiva climbing athletes Margo Hayes, Paige Claassen and Emily Harrington take a trip to Spain. The aim was to explore the abundant sport climbing and deep water soloing that Mallorca offers. Each woman is a “slady” (i.e., lady who slays) in her own rite. Each has contributed to the progression of the sport, while continuing to support her fellow slaydies.

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