Sport Climbing Proposed for Olympic Games Paris 2024 : what’s new ?

sport climbing olympics paris 2024

The Paris Organising Committee has proposed to add Sport Climbing to the Olympic Games Paris 2024. If approved, sport climbing will feature in the Summer Olympic Games for the second consecutive edition after Tokyo 2020. Furthermore, under new proposals Speed climbing is separated from Boulder + Lead.

During a press conference, the Paris Organising Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games (Paris 2024) confirmed a proposal to include four additional sports in the Sports Programme of the 33rd Summer Olympic Games. Breakdance, Skateboarding, Surfing and Sport Climbing.

sport climbing proposed for olympics paris 2024

The proposal will now be presented to the IOC Executive Board on March 26th-28th. If accepted, it will then be put forward to the 134th IOC Session on 24th June in Lausanne, Switzerland. If approved, Sport Climbing will feature in the Summer Olympic Games for the second consecutive edition. After making its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020.

Furthermore, the International Federation of Sport Climbing announced a series of important changes. Which, if ratified, will significantly change the current Olympic format. The Tokyo 2020 format comprises a mix of Lead, Boulder and Speed.

Under the new proposal in Paris 2024 Speed would be separated from the combination Boulder and Lead, doubling the medals from 6 to 12 and allowing 72 athletes to take part instead of 40. According to the new formula 16 women and 16 men would compete for six medals in the Speed discipline. And 20 women and 20 men would compete for six medals based on the combination of results in the Bouldering and Lead disciplines.

Recognition of a Rapid Rise

With this proposal, Paris 2024 aims: “to support the development of four booming sports all over the world […] and to offer spectacular and sustainable Games that enhance the performance of athletes and engage youth and the general public, thanks to sports with a strong lifestyle dimension.”


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