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At the beginning of the yearn access Fund has announced the launch of a new education initiative — the InsideOut® Challenge — to help indoor climbing gyms raise awareness around the issues facing our outdoor climbing areas, helping them turn their members into engaged climbing advocates. It was before the Covid-19 crisis. But it is still on.

A new education initiative : the InsideOut® Challenge ! From gym to crag 😉 The rapid growth of climbing has put incredible strain on our outdoor climbing areas. What was once an obscure activity in the 1960s, has now become mainstream. And this exponential growth has outpaced the climbing community’s ability to maintain our climbing areas.

“The situation at our climbing areas is growing dire,” says Access Fund Stewardship Director, Ty Tyler. “We’re seeing extreme erosion at the base of cliffs causing unstable conditions; webs of informal access trails destroying vegetation; and even human waste impacting local water supplies. Most climbing areas were not developed to support the number of climbers we’re seeing today.”


A new education initiative : the InsideOut® Challenge

Indoor climbing facilities are making climbing more accessible than ever before, helping a growing number of Americans realize the extraordinary benefits of climbing. A recent survey by the Climbing Wall Association indicates that 69% of the indoor climbers surveyed are actively climbing outdoors, and an astounding 95% of the indoor-only climbers indicated that they’re interested in climbing outdoors.

Owners and managers of indoor climbing gyms are in an incredibly powerful position to help influence the growing population of climbers. By helping to raise awareness and inspire action. The InsideOut® Challenge looks to turn climbing gyms into powerful allies in conservation, helping gym managers highlight environmental stewardship and climbing advocacy opportunities and mobilize their members to help protect outdoor climbing areas.


InsideOut® is a registered trademark of Insideout, Inc.  Insideout, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching climbers the skills they need to transition from gym to crag. 

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