The Climb On HBO Max : Stream it or skip it ?

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Momoa and Sharma have partnered up to create The Climb. This is a reality competition where ten climbers compete for a $100,000 prize. The eight-episode season sees 10 amateur climbers tackle climbing challenges around the world.

This HBO Max competition series is produced by Momoa and hosted by Sharma and fellow renowned climber Meagan Martin (known for “American Ninja Warrior”). “The Climb” features amateur climbers from all walks of life and skill levels.

They are sent to climbing locations around the world, including limestone cliffs in Catalonia. And Wadi Rum, a desert valley in Jordan. The winner gets a $100,000 cash prize and a sponsorship with the brand prAna.

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The climb : the pros

“Of course, there’s an element of a competition. And that’s also natural in the human spirit to want to find out who’s the best. But we also wanted to really share with the world how amazing the sport is that we get to go to these amazing locations,” said Sharma.

The show, produced by Jason Momoa and releasing in weekly chunks over the course of this month, isn’t really designed to shock or outrage. Instead, the series follows that group of climbers as they tackle some of the trickiest rock faces in the world. Beginning with a cluster of locations throughout the Spanish landscape.

urban climbing in Spain HBO series

The main reason to skip it

If you’re watching “The Climb” to see Jason Momoa, you’ll likely be disappointed. Sure, you see him scouting locations with Sharma and Martin. But he won’t be there for the actual competitive climbs. In fact you’ve got Sharma and Martin doing play by play as each climber makes their way up a rock.

HBO Max first ordered “The Climb” in July 2021. While Momoa initially planned to be more involved in the show, he had to take a less active role due to a hernia surgery he received immediately after filming the “Aquaman” sequel.

Another good reason to skip The Climb, even if you are keen to see climbing on HBO, is the fact that the Team travels a lot. Which is not a very good example, regarding the environnemental issues…

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