Climbing : Top 5 Stamina Training Articles

By the very nature of our sport, there are two kinds of rock climbers. Those who use a rope and those who don’t. And many climbers fall into two further categories. Power or endurance climbers. Climbing long routes requires stamina. When most climbers hear stamina training, all they think of is cranking out lap after lap on routes in the gym or outdoors until their forearms give out.

However, this kind of endurance training is not only boring. It’s also inefficient. As we learn more and more about how to train for climbing, our understanding of energy systems and how to train them effectively is changing. With this new knowledge, we are realizing that simply climbing a lot of volume to feel tired isn’t actually the best form of training.

If your goal is to become a healthy and well-rounded climber, then the ability to maintain composure through a difficult sequence on an endurance-based sport route is very important. Just as vital as the ability to muscle through a powerful move. With that in mind, here are the top 5 endurance training articles. They will help you understand training. And tell you how to do it properly. Get ready to be pumped!

Top 5 Articles on Power Endurance Training

Maximize Your Climbing Endurance With These Workouts
Most climbers don’t simultaneously focus on both sport climbing and bouldering training. So their endurance-to-power ratio (and vice versa) is usually pretty skewed.

20 Min Endurance Workout
To help you improve the efficiency of your training, here’s a video featuring Tom Randall and Ollie Torr of Lattice Training. It outlines two variations of a 20 min endurance workout that will let climbers with even the most hectic schedules drastically improve their endurance.

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