Crag Dog : Acceptable or Not for climbing outside ?

crag dog acceptable or not climbing

It’s a hotly contested topic among climbers. Not far behind the “to bolt or not to bolt” debate 😉 La Fabrique Verticale is not here to condemn or condone. But rather to offer some guidelines for appropriate crag dog behavior and to let you know where and how it’s ok to bring your dog.

Crag Dog Quiz: Are you and your dog ready?

  • I have checked the rules and regulations ahead of time to make sure my dog is allowed at the climbing area.
  • For sure, I have a leash or tether to restrain my dog if needed or if land rules require it.
  • I will keep my dog out of the way of belayers, spotters, and other people’s gear.
  • I have adequate food and water for my dog’s day out.
  • Well, I have plenty of poop bags and plan to clean up after my dog and pack it out.
  • My dog responds consistently to verbal commands and can be controlled around other people and dogs.
  • My dog shows no signs of aggression toward people or other dogs.
  • No, my dog doesn’t bark and whine incessantly.
  • My dog doesn’t dig or chase wildlife.
crag dog climbing

When to leave your dog at home

  •     If you’re climbing multi-pitch routes and can’t be on the ground to supervise your dog and make sure its needs are met.
  • When you’re visiting a popular climbing area with lots of other climbers, confined staging areas, or known wildlife concerns (rattlesnakes, bear, bees, etc.).
  • If the land manager prohibits dogs or if you can’t get a clear answer on whether they are allowed.
  • When the day is hot and the approach is long. Dogs who bake in the sun typically dig down to cooler soil, creating increasing levels of erosion at climbing areas.
  • If you or your dog aren’t ready, based on the Crag Dog Quiz above.

More about this topic here and there.

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