Best Summer Climbing Destinations in Europe : too hot to climb, really ?

best summer climbing destinations in europe

One might think there isn’t too many destinations in Europe which remain cool enough for climbing during the summer months. Whereas many crags in Southern parts get too warm there’s luckily plenty of suitable options left for summer climbing.

Here’s a list of great destinations both for boulderers and sport climbers (+ one amazing trad spot!). Enjoy!

Best Summer Climbing Destinations : Céüse, France

Céüse sits around 2000m/7000ft high with an equal amount of sunny and shaded areas to deal with a variety of temperatures. Many of the climbs are long and some would consider the bolts run out, so be ready! It’s a long approach so many climbers stash their climbing equipment near their project.

ceuse best summer destination climbing
  • Type of climbing: Limestone Sport Climbing. Have a 70m rope to be safe
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: French
  • Accommodation: Les Guernis campsite or caravans. There is are also the more luxurious options of hotel Muret in Sigoyer or one of the numerous “gites rureaux”
  • Where to eat: buy your food in Gap or Sigoyer
  • What else to do nearby: Gorges de la Méouge swimming hole for cliff jumping, waterfall swimming, deep water bouldering
  • Pad rentals/Stores: in Gap
  • Fees/Permits: No
  • Airport: Grenoble, Nimes, Marseille or Turin are the most affordable options

Flatanger, Norway

Despite its reputation as the home of many of the hardest lines in the world (Silence for instance), Flatanger also offers a plethora of climbing for other levels.

Sitting beside a fjord, this picturesque rope climbing destination is truly world class. Come for the Flatanger Climbing Festival in June!

  • Type of climbing: granite trad and sport climbing
  • Currency: Krone
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Where to stay: camp for free or pay to camp with some great amenities through For double the price of camping you can stay in the farmhouse
  • Where to eat: Bring food to cook which you can purchase at the Spar in the nearby town of Lauvnes
  • What else to do nearby: swim and fish in the ocean, hiking, boating, via ferrata
  • Pad rentals/Stores: only in Trondheim but the campsite owner sells a small amount of chalk
  • Fees/Permits: No
  • Airport: Trondheim

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