Exposed, the video storytelling by climber Larissa Arce

exposed climbing video

A story of strength and determination to show that sometimes, in this life, it isn’t necessary to be completely ready and totally prepared in order to face up to your fears. And prove your worth. Mexican climber Larissa Arce talks about herself in “Exposed”. An exclusive video on the subject of climbing, other fairly vertical challenges, and life.

Exposed, the video storytelling by climber Larissa Arce. She describes herself as a very passionate person. She puts her all into everything she does. Curious by nature, she has always managed to find great life guides, be it the old lady who lives across the street from her house or a friend. Larissa began climbing near Namiquipa. It’s a small village in northern Mexico, where she was born and grew up. In that area, climbing is not very popular. But there are some really impressive big walls.

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Right from the start, she would spend day after day on the wall, experiencing incredible adventures. She immediately understood that, for her, climbing was a way to explore the environment all around her, offering her a refuge from a very harsh reality. Even today, at times of doubt, she feels the need to challenge herself on a big wall to remind herself what she’s capable of.

exposed climbing

In Mexico, some places are very dangerous. Moreover, climbing is considered a privilege for women. Culturally they have many responsibilities towards the family and various obligations imposed by society. All this meant that Larissa could not enjoy her hobby without some misgivings. It was as though she were doing something wrong, not staying ‘in her place’, not doing what others expect of her, being in some way guilty.

In Mexico, she cannot climb in total freedom, the way she sees European climbers do. So, a year and a half ago, she decided to leave her country. A very difficult decision, requiring a lot of courage, taken for a number of reasons. To follow a great dream, that of being a climber, to feel free and truly herself, to start a new life, and to become part of the climbing community, living her passion to the full.

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