Keeping a Climbing Tick List : a good way to improve

Do you keep a climbing tick list keeping track of all the routes and boulder problems you send? While some climbers are not concerned with keeping track of their climbs, I personally love having a tick list and being able to look back and be reminded of routes and boulders I would have otherwise forgotten. While these trips down memory lane are definitely nice, keeping a tick list can actually benefit your climbing in substantial ways.

Some free-spirited climber types just don’t care about keeping track of the climbs they’ve on-sighted, flashed, or red pointed. While I love and admire these types, I for one, cannot relate. As a more quantitative, let’s look at the data type, I’ve come to appreciate tracking my progress, taking notes on climbs, and setting goals for new projects. Today we’ll explore how tracking your progress can make you a better climber and the best ways to do it online or on paper.

Here’s an article by Mary from Crux Crush that talks about four ways that keeping a tick list can help you:

  • Goal Setting
  • Tracking Progress
  • Observing Trends
  • Reminiscing

Mary discusses each of these four benefits and then goes on to talk about the best ways to keep a tick list. She covers keeping a tick list in a journal as well as most of the online platforms that allow you to log your climbs. Take a look at the full article bellow. It’s a good reminder about how tracking your climbing and training can give you valuable information to help you improve.

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