Taping for training : how to do it properly

Go to any climbing gym or crag and you’ll see climbers taping up left and right. A lot of this tape is used to cover up thin or torn skin. But climbers also use finger tape to help prevent injuries and nurse existing finger tweaks. There is a lot of debate about just how effective the use of finger tape really is. However, we know one thing sure. If the tape is applied incorrectly then it definitely doesn’t work.

To help you tape correctly, here’s a series of videos made Dr. Volker Schoeffl. Dr. Schoeffl is the author of the book One Move Too Many. He has been a climber and climbing doctor for over twenty years. When it comes to climbing injuries and how to deal with them, he is one of the best resources we have.

Volker Schoeffl M.D. literally wrote the book on climbing injuries…a must-own text titled One Move Too Many. In this series of short videos, Volker presents the best methods of taping common finger and elbow injuries.” – Eric Hörst

In these particular videos, Dr. Schoeffl covers taping the pip joint capsule. He also explains “H” taping for pulley injuries. In each video, he walks you step-by-step through exactly how to apply the tape and explains the common ways you can mess it up. Be sure to give these videos a watch before the next time you tape up!

Dr. Volker Schoeffl on Taping the PIP Joint Capsule

Dr. Volker Schoeffl on “H” Taping for Finger Tendon Pulley Injury

Obviously, all these taping methods are not a substitute for doing the necessary injury prevention work to keep yourself climbing injury free. However, they can be a helpful tool. Especially when easing back into climbing from an injury. Plus, since the ultimate goal is simply to stay healthy, then anything you can use to help stack the deck in your favor is certainly worth a try.

And if you like what you see in these videos and are interested in learning more from Dr. Schoeffl, then click through below to order his book One Move Too Many. We highly recommend it. It is an amazing resource and something every serious climber should have.

Dr. Volker Schoeffl’s Book: One Move Too Many

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