Climbing outside : 6 Tips for better mental fitness

Mental fitness requires a self-awareness and self-reflection that does not often occur naturally. It takes a strong mental game to push your limits, especially when going from indoor to outdoor climbing. Sometimes it’s hard to hack the fear of falling. Here are a few tips to ease your mind.

Get comfortable

Comfortability results occur in calm climbing. If you lead the route and are scared, leave it up on top rope. Run a couple consequence-less laps until you feel the flow of the rock. Soon enough you will find your hands relaxing when they should and your tunnel vision will dissipate. Once your mind realizes that not ALL outdoor rock climbing is terrifying, it will translate into other rock climbs.


Have realistic expectations

When going outside know that every crag is different and grades constantly vary. Just have fun. Climbing should be enjoyable and if you set the bar too high for yourself you will find that you are hung up on the things you didn’t do rather than the things you did.

Spend lots of time on the rock

The more you are on the wall the more you confident you get. Any climb you do outside helps build your mental game, no matter the grade.

Control your breath

Have you ever been lowered off a climb and you were gasping for air? The odds are you have done it AT LEAST once. What does this tell you? You were holding your breath while climbing. When you hold you breathe you are limiting the amount of oxygen in your body making you pump out faster. Slow down and learn to breathe with every move.

Come up with a mantra and be confident ! Here are the two other tips, very important tips in fact 😉 Little things can bring confidence…

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