Climb injury-free : a must have book

Has injury prevented you from climbing harder? Whether you’re a professional athlete or a novice climber, “Climb Injury-Free” is the guide that will teach you how to climb stronger and pain-free.

This Climb Injury-Free book will teach you how to climb stronger and pain-free that is split into 2 sections. The first part concentrates on ways to prevent injury whilst climbing and training, with the second part provides a detailed rehabilitation method for common climbing injuries.


Climb Injury-free : the benefits

This comprehensive injury prevention and rehabilitation book for climbers has the following benefits:
1) Prevent climbing injuries before they happen.
2) Learn how to rehabilitate the most common climbing injuries with step-by-step instructions and lots of photographs.
3) Discover the incorrect movement patterns that cause injury.
4) Train smarter and climb stronger in a fraction of the time.
5) Push your ability to the next level without getting hurt.

Climb Injury-free : the Rock Rehab Pyramid

The book features the “Rock Rehab Pyramid.” A step-by-step rehabilitation and injury prevention system designed specifically for rock climbers. The goal of the four-phase system is to take you from the pain, inflammation and tissue overload stage to gain full mobility, strength and eventually pain-free climbing movement. Using this method the book then describes a detailed rehabilitation method for the following common climbing injuries:
1) Neck and shoulder
2) Elbows
3) Wrist and fingers
4) Nerve mobility


Published in 2019 this book includes additional advice from top professional climbers such as Adam Ondra, Sasha DiGiulian Sean McColl, Jonathan Siegrist and many others.

“A go-to resource for any climber who is serious about preventing injury and improving their longevity. In-depth, informative and well researched. It’s already helped me.” Jonathan Siegrist, 5.15b Professional Climber

Number of pages is 252.
Size is 155mm x 235mm.
ISBN is 9780692831892.

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