Training equipment test : Climbing Burger by Antworks

A UFO has landed at La Fabrique Verticale and its name is the Climbing Burger. Made by Antworks, the Climbing Burger is an innovative, all in one training tool. Multifunctional is the word that comes to mind. It’s not just a wooden powerball or just a hangboard, nor is it just a set of rings. It is a true jack of all trades! So, is the Climbing Burger destined for intergalactic fame? Follow this guide as we put it through the test!

First Impressions

When we first laid eyes on the Burger we immediately thought of the film, Pulp Fiction. Specifically, “Big Mac is Big Mac, but they call it Le Big Mac”. It goes without saying, we are dealing with a MEGA burger! Fortifying indeed! Spanning 26 cm X 26 cm, its dimensions are imposing and it weighs in at 8 kg (which is completely reasonable given the size of the portion 😉 )!


The other attributes that really stick out are its aesthetics and its originality! The Climbing Burger is beautifully shaped with curving lines and immaculate finishing. We could almost repurpose it for decoration or art but its true function will always be for pulling hard! Carved from linden wood which is popular for wood sculpting because of its solidity after being dried, the Climbing Burger is symmetrical and will stand up to the test of time.


Training Applications

The Climbing Burger from Antworks is born entirely from the classic schematics of training tools for climbing. It is a mobile device that is suspended, providing a platform for compression and core training, similar to a large wooden sphere or Maxgrips. We can also play around and create all kinds of fun games by incorporating bouldering or in a Monkey Space. All in all, its major advantage is its multifunctionality. It also can be used as a hangboard!


Indeed, we see that there is a grip space where the two burger buns “meat”, right at the beefy core of the burger. Depending on the orientation of the burger, there are either jugs, crimps (very ergonomic), as well as mono grips (less functional in our point of view because of being just a bit too large and deep).


The apex of each bun forms a perfect sloper which is more or less steep. Its beveled edges allow you to suspend yourself from a three finger, compression grip.


How do I use the Climbing Burger?

The Climbing Burger offers an infinite amount of possible training games and exercises. Think of any type of core exercise possible : planks, dynamic equilibrium tension by placing the Burger low to the ground (just as when using the Swiss Ball either facing or the ground or in profile position). In respect to general strength training we did push ups, resistance lock-offs, sit-ups and pull-ups.


Concerning compression, we completed dynamic slaps with the sloping apex as well as two handed compressions on the beveled edges. For suspension training the possibilities are endless, one handed, two handed, you name it . . . we can also adjust the difficulty with the inclination of the Burger!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Climbing Burger is on the higher end at 289 Euros. Sorry, we’re not at the drive-through! It there for a high-end training tool and is therefore tailored to climbing gyms that are looking to enhance their training options in the workout area for clients. That said, for an individual it can also make an excellent Christmas present 😉 because of its originality, beautiful finishing and unquestionably effective use for training! It is an all in one fingerboard, wooden sphere and ring set. So if we do the math we have …


The pluses

  • Multifunctional
  • Ergonomic
  • Quality craftsmanship

The negatives


Where to buy ?

Order directly from the Austrian maker        Antworks-burger-climbing

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